Upcoming Stuffs…

Just a quick update on stuff I am doing.

This weekend (9.25.10) I am doing the Service Street Fair in Detroit. I did it last year and had fun. It’s a modest sized show but had a lot of good art and music on tap. I will have my books and art there if you’re in the Detroit area. I am there 12pm – 12am-ish.

October 10th I will be in Clawson, Michigan for Leon & Lulu‘s Books and Authors event. Again, did it last year and had a good time. It’s a showcase of local authors in the funkiest store you’ll find around here. I will have The Meep Sheep for sale.

And October 29th brings the second Skelebration of Scares, a scary story event I cooked up last year that has me and some fellow writers telling tall tales of horror and thrills. This year we’ll have art and music as well. This is a free show and will be from 7 – 10pm and is right downtown at a place called The Lunch Studio, here in Flint.

And in case you forgot, I have three books for sale.

Back From Nothing – $5

This Beautiful Darkness – $10


The Meep Sheep – $12

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