Gee Willikers and the Haunted Penis–a story

Another Halloween story. I read this one last night at the Skelebration to end the night. Utterly ridiculous but fun to write, and again, if ya dig it, buy a book! Gee Willikers and the Haunted Penis My name is Gary, or George, or maybe it's Gerry, it's something like that. Whatever. You know, it's… Continue reading Gee Willikers and the Haunted Penis–a story

Lesser Demons – a story

So, this year I have written five stories for Halloween and, as such, I will be posting all of them over the next couple days. Two will appear only for the day. One on this blog, one on my Tumblr. Then POOF they are gone. Hope you like them, and if you do, check to… Continue reading Lesser Demons – a story