'Cause The Things Ya Love, Ya Just Gotta Share

So I wanted to share two very cool Michigan things that just make me smile. Two musical acts that are literally one man bands and which show the magic you can truly make when you work alone.

Thumbpedal Walkatalk – my friend Jack hipped me to this record as his nephew knows the man behind the music and he nagged me for nearly a year to listen to it and I just never got around to it. Until now. Wow. It reminds me of Mr. Bungle meets old school country. It’s storytelling music that is as weird as it is fun and is utterly amazing.

Next is my friend Jeff Mansk’s project Flipping the Pig. This is such a wonderful project that is pure pop poetry and pulls at the heart while it tickles the funnybone. I was literally awe struck when I heard the two albums and am still today. I have seen him perform as well and it’s something special.

As a Michigan ‘artist’ and creator I know it’s not the easiest thing to get the word out and to keep promoting work that is getting dustier, but man, this is amazing stuff and deserves to get some notice here and abroad.

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