And So Ends The Sale…

Thanks to all of you that checked my art and books out. Even if you haven’t ever bought anything from me I appreciate your interest in my work and what I am doing. More reviews and weirdness to continue this week.

Oh, and there are definitely stuffs in the works for next year so stay tuned.

As always, the books are up and for sale and the art will still be up so if you didn’t pick anything up yet, you can still give the gift of art and books. Fairy tales aren’t just for kids, and neither is The Meep Sheep. Or if you prefer your books and art creepy then brother, I have plenty of stuff for you there, too. Check the links and see if you find something you fall in love with.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and didn’t get smooshed in the shopping crush.


Author: Chris Ringler

Writer, blogger, reviewer, artist, arts and cultural events coordinator, and semi-professional weirdo. Author of a heap of books from horror to fairy tale to kid's.

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