Ohhh, A Black Friday Sale, Oh My!

Ok, in honor of Thanksgiving and because I think you guys are pretty boss I am doing a Thanksgiving Black Friday sale.


If you go to the Create Space stores for

The Meep Sheep


This Beautiful Darkness
Do that and you get $3 off each book.

OR you can order the book package from me this weekend – All three books (Back From Nothing, This Beautiful Darkness, and The Meep Sheep) – for $20 but you also get lots of fun extras like buttons, some art, and other stuff. WHEE! I will run this stuff all weekend. If you are interested email me – grimringler@gmail.com – and mention the deal and we’ll get it rolling. I take Pay Pal, or money order, and with four bucks shipping it’s all yours.

And if you want some art, then head to my Etsy store and input the code – Gobble – and get 10% off of your purchase. Zoinks!

Happy Thanksgiving, kids.

Thanks for caring about me, my art, and my books.


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