Psst…It's Almost Here…

Ok, so here’s my update on all things book.

As it stands I am done editing Book Four and am happy to be done with it. I love editing, especially older works, because it gives me a chance to look back at stories I haven’t seen in a while and can fix any flubs and can expand the story. I love doing it but, man, it gets old after a while so it’s nice to get it over with. So with the editing done I moved to the layout, which was a bear at first but is something I handled. I hadn’t done a layout myself before and really wanted to try to do it and it turned out pretty good. Next up is the cover work. I had waffled on a drawn cover, like my other books and chapbooks, or a photo cover and am going with the photo. It would have been the same image/concept in either one but think it will work better as a photo.

With some work and luck the book will land early to Mid-January and I cannot wait. I really like how it’s turning out and think you will too. It’s another collection of dark stories so it’s right in my wheel-house. The fun thing about the way I am doing books now too is that I can put them out whenever I feel like it. Heck, I have hundreds of stories and a novel so I certainly have the work.

I will post the cover and name of the book soon as well as any other details.
Which leads us to…

The next Meep book will be out in Spring of 2011 and will be a book of histories of the places and peoples of the land. It also fills in some background on some of the characters and peers into the future a little. I am really excited about the book and am looking forward to writing the last three stories and getting it all together. I have a name and cover idea but will get to that when the time comes.

Before the next book hits though I will have a website up for all things Meep and that should be up in a week or two. The site looks AMAZING thanks to the work of Marcus Bieth, a friend and designer. This will be a simple site for info on the book and links for people to find me as well as an easy way to order the book. I wanted to have a one stop place and easy website to direct people to and this will be that.

So there you have it. It should be a pretty exciting end to 2010 and I look forward to showing you what I am working on and what is to come next.

See ya soon.

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