Getting To Know You…

   Interviews, I am horrible at them, let’s just get that out there. Horrible. I owe so much to the people that take the time to interview me, that take the time to get to know something about me so they can ask questions but man, I just feel like I am horrible at talking about myself and the books. I feel like I raaaaaaamble. Like mad. It is weird because I have so much to say about writing and about self publishing yet I feel like I am talking too much and saying too little during these things. It is like pushing a whale into a bikini, it just doesn’t all fit. Eep.

   Which is to say I did another interview today. Cool interviewer, did a good job, I just feel like I yammered a lot. Let’s hope she edits it and makes me look all professional and junk. That’s the hope at least.

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