Just For a Day

I am not a fan of pumping myself up because it just isn’t pretty or healthy and when I do it I try to keep it to the books and that stuff just because I need to get more people to take me and my writing and art seriously and accolades help with that. But, I am taking this one post and this one day to give myself a pat on the back. Thirty-seven years ago today I was born and this whole thing began. Now, clearly my folks are to thank for me being here, and naturally this is a day that should be more about them than me. But, it isn’t, so whatever.


They get their own day, so I should get one too, and now I do thanks to my…wait, I got it anyway.


Honestly though, I still have a long way to go before I come near to where I want to be with my writing but inch by inch I am moving forward. I have accomplished far more than I could have dreamed as an angsty, miserable teenager and to have survived the worst of myself and the worst in myself is a feat unto itself. I don’t always seem like it but I am pretty proud of what I have accomplished and how far I have come. And I still feel like I am at the beginning or middle of my art and writing ‘career’. I don’t anticipate ever making much money at it but if you, you few that care and like what I am doing, follow what I am doing, and pick up my art and books get something out of what I am doing then it’s all worth it and will always be worth it. I write for me, I publish for you, and I am glad that some of you appreciate that.

I am not where I am without you, and it’s my hope that we will have a long, long journey ahead of us. I know I can’t wait for you to see what I have in store with The Kreep Sheep and A Shadow Over Ever, the horror con, the other events I am involved in, and all the other fun stuff I get involved with. So for today, for this moment I pat myself on the back but truly it is you guys that make all of this mean something, so thanks.


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