A Kreep Sheep teaser…

Here is a small little slice of a story from The Kreep Sheep entitled ‘The Festivals’. This is a rougher form of the story, it has since been edited but you get a feel for things.

The Kreep Sheep will be released in May.

– The Great Loof smiled and held the Winter Globe up and shook it and as he shook it the wind picked up and with it the air was filled with flecks of white and slowly, so slowly, the ground began to fill with snow. Away down the hill Loof heard the ringing of bells in the human Kingdom and in his own the candles were lit and the streets were filled with light as the Pandas made their way to the Square. Satisfied, the Great Loof wiggled his bottom to get the snow off of it, dropped back onto all four paws, and made his way down the hill and home. It was the first night of the Renewal and a wonderful night indeed but it was tomorrow that had his stomach filled with bees as tomorrow he would make the journey to the Human Kingdom to see how they celebrated things, and to see his old friend Manda. Loof started laughing and charged down the hillside, anxious and excited like a young cub, and ready for a season of new beginnings. –

Join the  fun.


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