The Vanishing on 7th St. – review

   I shall leave this as a short little review as the movie served only to frustrate me terribly. It’s awfully annoying to find a movie with a good idea, talent, and the tools to make a good film only to have them all squandered.

   When a mysterious blackout makes people all over Detroit suddenly disappear the few survivors that remain must find out what happened to the others and what it is that seems to be stalking them from the darkness. What they find though is that something malevolent is watching them in the shadows, watching and waiting until the night that seems longer and longer each day, finally swallows the world whole.

   A perplexing film with decent performances there is just no real resolution here, which ruins the movie. This is a great set up, and the se of the darkness as a character, as a villain, is fantastic. Heck, I wanted to see it when I found out it was shot in Detroit and was shot at the Russell Industrial Center, a place I have both attended and done art shows at. Alas, these locations are utterly wasted as is the suspense because it all leads to nothing. I can appreciate a film that wants to be mysterious and not give all the answers away but there are NO answers here, just too many questions and too little logic. For the director that made Session 9 I am deeply disappointed. What a waste of time and talent. Avoid it. Sit in the dark and whistle instead.

4 out of 10

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