There is a portion of the geek press that has come to decide that Marvel movies, the MCU, are inherently bad. Perhaps it is ‘too much of a “good” thing’, or maybe it’s just that familiarity has bred contempt, but the fact is that once Marvel became so ubiquitous at the theater – and… Continue reading THE ETERNALS – review

Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things – review and appreciation

   I was still a kid when I discovered Children on one of our regional over the air channels that ran a double feature block of horror movies on Saturdays. The intro to the Thriller Double Feature mixed Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love (the instrumental weirdness in the middle of it) with images from several… Continue reading Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things – review and appreciation

RISE OF THE SCARECROWS : Hell on Earth – Review

If there’s one thing that I can say I truly appreciate about experience and age it’s that the meanness of youth often falls away. Sure, sure, we’re still mean as old folks but with luck we gain the wisdom that other people shouldn’t have to take big old swigs of that meanness just because we… Continue reading RISE OF THE SCARECROWS : Hell on Earth – Review


HALLOWEEN KILLS – review             Now that this is finally out, and the fans are seething, and the pundits are posting their bile can we just take a moment to appreciate what Rob Zombie was able to do? He took a dead franchise and gave it life. It wasn’t the life we were expecting, and… Continue reading HALLOWEEN KILLS – review