Solomon Kane – review

So, tell my why it is that we get so many ridiculous films released in the United States yet when there’s a funky or interesting film made overseas we tend to ignore it or remake it? Such is the case with the film adaptation of the classic adventure novels by Robert E. Howard, Solomon Kane. This adventure/horror hybrid is a wonderful little gem from Europe that was made a few years ago and hasn’t found its way to a traditional release and that’s a shame because it’s a heck of a film.

Solomon Kane is a man haunted by his past. Having committed a great sin in his youth he tore through his life wildly, killing men with impunity and never worrying about his future but when the Devil begins trying to collect on his soul he realizes that he has lived a useless, rage filled life and that he must change if he is to find salvation. Pledging his soul to the Lord, Kane gives his life to peace but when a family that has saved him from death meets their own dark fate because of his non-violent path he has no choice but to serve as the sword and judgment of God and he accepts this begrudgingly. What Kane does not realize is that the sins of his past are the evil that is haunting the lands and this evil is corrupting all it touches and has its sights set on Solomon and unless he can come to grips with his fate and what he is, he may finally fall into the Devil’s hands for good.

This is such a fun, dark horror/adventure story. Great production values, very good acting, a fun story, and a really well made film. The size of the production is really amazing considering how little you will have read about it. When I say this is a good film, I am dead serious. This would never be a blockbuster but it’s a great gothic adventure. There are some silly logic moments that exist in most of the movies of this scope, sadly, but it’s a great ride with a very good ending. I mean, you get zombies, monsters, demonic followers, a sorcerer, a witch, and some great battles.

Solomon Kane is one of those movies of myth and legend that you hear exist but never manage to track down or see. It’s my sincere hope that somehow, some way this gets a chance to find a broader audience because this is a wonderfully fun movie and I am dying to see it again.

8 out of 10

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