The Long Rest

It’s a strange, scary thing to think, no, not just to think but to say – I lived a dream. It’s scary because the dreams, the  big dreams, tend to see so distant, so ethereal that at times they seem as if they are impossible. As if all they can be is a dream. I am still a couple days away from telling more of the story of how we got to the finish line of the Flint Horror Con but I can say this – I lived a dream.

I lived MY dream.

I never, ever, as a teenage kid who loved scary movies and weird stuff would ever have thought that I would not only be a part of bringing a horror convention to Flint (a block from where I live!), but would meet some of the people I admired as a kid and would get to know a few of them. Amazing. I am a pretty lucky guy.

So, anyway, more of the story is yet to come, but first, I owe everyone who believed in this dream, helped it, helped me, and who didn’t give up on what we were trying to do the biggest thanks. It took a lot of people to make this come together and I am honored to have worked with and been surrounded by such great friends.



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