Pulling Down The Tents

Pulling Down The Tents The thing you never think about when you do your little dreaming is – what happens if you get to live that dream? What then? Good question. Though first, let’s take a moment and appreciate the dreams when we can live them. It’s not all the time, unless you have very… Continue reading Pulling Down The Tents

Sassy Press Releases From BEYOND!

This is the press release and info behind our next Flint Horror Con show. SASSY! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 17, 2012   CONTACT: Publicist Darlan Erlandson (For interviews, bio, photos etc.)                         (517) 214-4592                         publicist2011@gmail.com   CASEY – 30 YEARS LATER! Coming to Flint, Michigan for ONE NIGHT ONLY - Cult horror… Continue reading Sassy Press Releases From BEYOND!

How We Got To Where We Went

It feels slightly pompous to act as if putting a horror convention together , a FIRST YEAR horror convention, is anything of great importance and in all honesty, it isn't THAT important but for those of us directly involved in the long process of doing it it was, and it became our lives. As personal… Continue reading How We Got To Where We Went

It Comes Down To This

Today is essentially the last 'free' day before things get crazy for me. Friday and Saturday, the 28th and 29th of October 2011, are the two culminating days of a journey that began over ten years ago with a dream and which began in earnest in February. Good or bad, awesome or horrible, in three… Continue reading It Comes Down To This

Something Awesome, This Way Comes…

So, I have said before that I have been doing conventions for ages, well, my first, the first that I did as a guest, was in 1994 and I have been going pretty steady since then. I fell in love with conventions when I was a teenager and went to the two Weekend of Horrors… Continue reading Something Awesome, This Way Comes…