George–A Zombie Intervention – review

George – A Zombie Intervention – review

Ya know, I love zombies as much, no, more than the next guy but man, I tell you what, they are starting to get like vampires – which is to say that they are overexposed. The good thing is that zombies are still pretty interesting, and there are some pretty good movies about them coming out. Alas, with vampires we are in the middle of the romantic vampire trend still so everything looks the same. Still, I think it’s time for zombies to take a bit of a break. I think it’s time they took some time off. None of this is to say that George is a bad film at all, it’s pretty ok, but it just goes to solidify my point because everyone and their uncle is making zombie pictures. If you wanna make a movie, ya start with a horror film. If you wanna make a horror film you start with zombies. Which brings us to George a fun zombie comedy that gives its gag away too early but still manages to be pretty decent.

George has a problem. He is avoiding the light, avoiding going out, and people seem to disappear around him. Fearing the worst, his sister and friends decide it’s time for an intervention. Fearing that George may secretly be a zombie and may be eating people so his friends hire an intervention specialist to aid them in their cause, though once they meet her they realize that their specialist may not be as experienced as they have been lead to believe. Needless to say George, a slacker in a robe who looks like he hasn’t seen the light in a while, is none too pleased to find himself in the middle of an intervention. He insists that he isn’t a zombie and rebuffs the attempts to plead with him to get help. Refusing to give up, the professional interventionist sets her feet and tries tact after tact but nothing seems to be getting through to him so they decide to take a break. No sooner do they break though when one by one the guests start to fall prey to accidents that out George’s true nature. But even as he starts to devour some of his friends it would seem that there may be a real killer amongst their numbers but who the real monster is is yet to be seen.

The premise for the film is actually pretty fun, and the movie is put together pretty darn well, it’s just that the story runs out before the picture does. A lot of the film is a one note joke that gets too much wear for too little cloth. There is just not enough depth here so that by the time you are nearing the conclusion you have been ready for the film to end for about fifteen minutes. Even the twists are not so much twists as obvious extensions of the story that are played for their surprise factor. Gore fans will get a kick out of the blood and the violence, which is plentiful on both accounts, but again, it is strictly because a zombie movie is supposed to be gory, and not because the movie wants to add something.

Movies like this come out all the time these days. An interesting premise with little funding and seemingly an eye on the profits but not the story. I would never be so cynical as to say that this was a film made strictly for money but it does feel like a film that was made because zombies are cool right now, and not because someone was a fan of zombies. If you can catch this on the cheap it is worth checking out but it isn’t something you will regret missing if you never catch it. The story is thin, the acting is fair, the gore is ok, but in the end it’s a feature built on a joke that is short film sized.

6 out of 10

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