It's That Time Again…Time For A Good Scare

Ohhh, you can feel it in the wind.

Can hear it in the rustle of the leaves.

You can even smell it in the air.

Halloween is creeping its way nearer and nearer and it’s a perfect time for stories that will chill your bones.

Well, you’ve come to the right place .

Do I ever have stories to send a shiver down your spine.

You can try my new novel, A SHADOW OVER EVER which is a tale of monsters and zombies and a man setting out to begrudgingly save the world. The book is big, dark, funny, and has all manner of things that go creep in the night.



Or how about one of my short story collections?

These are books full to the binding of dark tales of things within the shadows of our rooms and of our hearts. The hungry things that clamor for blood.


From a dying young girl’s friendship with strange sisters who live in the woods, to an encounter with an ageless horror with an insatiable hunger, to the horrible truth behind a brother’s sudden disappearance, to the awkward realization of a haunted body part and so much more – these are stories that are born of the darkness and live on the borderlands of fear, these are Red Dreams.




From the madness of a father showing his son how to kill, to the quiet desperation of a man trapped by love, to the horrible memories trapped within a haunted bed – these stories shine light into the places of the human condition rarely examined.




These stories are my personal tribute to Halloween and all things dark. Some of the darkest stories I have ever written and written to make you squirm.




This is the perfect season for dark tales and grim delights. For things that go bump in the night. So share a scare, and get ready for the real fun of the season!


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