My Halloween Rules

  I love Halloween. LOVE IT! I love a lot of holidays, and am a weirdo for Christmas but of all of them Halloween is my favorite day of the  year. There is something so special about it that links me to my childhood and the fun of that time. Saying all of that I feel very protective of the holiday because as a culture we seem to be taking kids out of it, which really bothers me. There’s no reason adults can’t have fun but the heart of it in the modern area has been trick or treating and kids. So, knowing my love for the holiday I have some rules of the cemetery that I think are pretty decent.

– Share the holiday.

This is a night for kids AND adults. It’s really a ‘season’, like Christmas, and as such there’s plenty of time for adults to have their fun and to let kids have their fun as well.

– Remember what is beneath the candy…

I think as adults we forget that part of Trick or Treating was that adults would escort the kids and thus it was a great way for neighbors to meet. We are a very closed off society now and these walls are not making the crime numbers go down so maybe we need to go back to the days when we actually talked to one another.

– Don’t be stingy!
Look, very few of us are rich but candy isn’t THAT expensive and it’s one night a year. Consider this neighborhood charity. It’s not a big deal and darn it, we need to remember that we were kids too who looked forward to this night and we can’t be spoil sports to the kids of today, that’s just crummy.

– Hey kid, DRESS UP!

I don’t really penalize teens that don’t dress up because to me if they are polite then I am not that worried about a few pieces of candy BUT dressing up is part of the deal. It’s part of the unwritten contract of Halloween. YOU dress up and I give you candy. That’s how that works. Not dressing up just shows that you don’t really care about anything but the candy. NOW…some people cannot afford costumes, which I get completely, but at least figure something out. Dressing up doesn’t have to cost something, it’s just the effort and the use of imagination. In a small way us adults want to see the crazy things the kids dress as. This year I saw more skeletons than princesses. Interesting!

– Come One, Come All!

There is an awful attitude towards some kids that drives me batty. Where I live is a nicer part of a city plagued by violence so the kids come out here to trick or treat. Makes sense – 1. it’s safer, and 2. the assumption is that our area is better off and may have more/better candy. Reasonable assumptions, both. But to some these kids are little more than candy corn carpet beggars and overburden the area. Now, some areas DO get hit, and hard, which stinks, but darn it, it’s one night, and it’s the price of being part of a community. Not a city, a community. The thing too, for me, is that it was the dream of us kids to get a chance to hit not just our neighborhood but others as well. The point IS to get candy after all. So the new kids are just doing what I did as a little dood. No. Big. Deal.

Have fun!

To many people get caught up in what they THINK Halloween is and its past and this and that and don’t let themselves just have fun with it. Good grief. The Halloween that is celebrated by most has nothing to do with religion so dragging religion into it is silly. But the thing is, if you don’t believe in the day, the holiday, then fine, just 1.don’t ruin the holiday for everyone else and 2.don’t get upset when people don’t respect or celebrate YOUR holidays. The road goes both ways.

Embrace the scary –

Halloween is meant to be scary. Sure, not terrifying, but scary. Spooky. Creepy. And that’s a good thing. It’s OK to have healthy fear. Fear of monsters and boogeymen. We spend so much time afraid of real monsters and killers that it’s nice to be able to fear something that, in the bright day, is silly. So get scared…once in a while…there really is something in the dark.


I love this night and am sad it’s over but, but, but…there’s always next year!

Happy Halloween!

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