Hey, I am part of a podcast!


I have wanted to try my hand at the casting of pods for some time now but wasn’t sure how or what or any of that stuff. A friend and I made a dry run at it once but we never posted it, and this was YEARS ago. recently some horror con friends and I decided that we should try our hand at a ‘cast and we finally got together this past Friday to give it a whirl.Our podcast is called The Ghoul Cast and we had an utter blast doing it. It was fun to nerd out with friends and, for our first one together, we did really well. There’s a lot I want to do with the ‘cast, like getting more of the convention Ghoul Crew involved, changing our format around from time to time, and just keeping things fun and different, but we’ll see where this goes.

So far, so fun.

Hope you enjoy it too.

The Ghoul Cast



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