Out of Sight

Anyone that has read my blog for any length of time - anyone? Anyone? - will know that I come back to topics from time to time that feel important to get some attention. Somet things, as they say, are worth repeating. Recognition is great.  It’s needed.  It’s necessary.  We need to know what we… Continue reading Out of Sight

What About Fall?

Living in a northern city, I can appreciate the trepidation that arrives with the changing of the leaves. It seems it’s either feast or famine for us thanks to the joys of climate change. We will get summer a little later and then we get a few days where it’s warm and makes you think… Continue reading What About Fall?

Those Long Summer Nights

There is something strange and sacred about the summers of our youth. They stand as the first deep breaths of freedom that we get as we grow and the memories we find there are always there, waiting to be rediscovered once the days get long and the air cools once the clock hits one in… Continue reading Those Long Summer Nights

Numero Two is up!

Hey there, Ghoul Cast #2 is up. We had a really fun time recording number two. This time the three of us talk about our experiences writing and being indie authors. It's an hour well spent and darn it, you may even learn something to. Or not. At least it's fun! http://flinthorrorcon.podomatic.com


Hey, I am part of a podcast! Huzzah! PODCAST! I have wanted to try my hand at the casting of pods for some time now but wasn't sure how or what or any of that stuff. A friend and I made a dry run at it once but we never posted it, and this was… Continue reading Podcastin'!

Keep Believing – In defense of small conventions

Keep Believing Sometimes we need to fight. Not out of anger, or against some grand enemy but for what we are passionate about. We need to fight because sometimes we’re the only one that will and because if it’s our passion and our dream it’s worth fighting for. Too often we hit road blocks, drop… Continue reading Keep Believing – In defense of small conventions

The Trimming Of The 'Ween

It really bums me out how my generation has let Halloween become an adults only party that kids aren't invited to. We let them Trunk or Treat, or hit up a church for a 'harvest festival' but won't let them trick or treat. Those kids that do head out often find slim pickings in people… Continue reading The Trimming Of The 'Ween


There's a point in your  adolescence that every age beyond your own seems old. So very old. So distant. Thirteen you can go to 'PG-13' movies. Fifteen and you can learn how to drive. Sixteen and you can drive. Seventeen and you can get into 'R' Rated movies. Eighteen and you can vote - and… Continue reading 40

The Meep Sheep

Several years ago I thought up something utterly silly and ridiculous. It was a small flying kitty with bumble bee wings. The bumblekitty lead to the thought of little flying sheep with wings. And slowly, slowly the world of THE MEEP SHEEP was born. I have always loved fairy tales and particularly loved the darker… Continue reading The Meep Sheep


With the ending of each year I think it’s healthy to go back and look at what the year meant to you. You try to honor the good, learn from or get over the bad, and the rest you sort of see where it fits into the bigger picture of your life. Since most folks… Continue reading 2013

Why We Do It

Every so often I find myself asking - why do I do this? And sometimes I don't know. Sometimes I am just staring up from the bottom of a deep, dark well and I honestly don't know why I do it. Why I write. Why I paint. Why I draw. Why I take photos. Why… Continue reading Why We Do It

I Remember Halloween

Halloween is over for another year and the pangs of regret follow in its heavy footsteps. I wish I could have decorated more. I wish I woulda had more candy for the kids. I wish I woulda gone to a haunted house. I wish I woulda written more. I wish I woulda been more in… Continue reading I Remember Halloween

Of Punks and Rummaging

When we first came up with the notion of doing the Punk Rock Rummage Sale here in Flint there was a big question of - will anyone care? We had been doing indie art shows, my friends and I, in Flint for several years by then but had never done something that was about buying more… Continue reading Of Punks and Rummaging