Singing The Stories Of Our Lives

I have had my mind on the end lately.  The end of us and who we are.  The end of our personal stories in the book with no conclusion.  My thoughts are on the ending of our story and how few people will ever hear it.  Few will hear our triumphs and our failures.  Few… Continue reading Singing The Stories Of Our Lives

Lion and Lamb

It is all too easy to look at things you do not agree with, tenets you do not follow, and ideals you do not hold dear and to dismiss them. It has become commonplace to look at the things others hold dear and to scoff because you don’t hold the same things dear. It’s a… Continue reading Lion and Lamb

When We’re Dead

I think most of us, deep down, hope we're not forgotten when we're dead. I think we hope that should there be a viewing, a funeral, or just a gathering, will not be forgotten. I think though, that we may be mistaken if we believe that there will be a big showing because sometimes we're… Continue reading When We’re Dead


The day after another mass shooting in the United States means that we’ll have another week of news, another week of one side saying it’s too soon to demand change while the other side demands gun bans, and another week of asking HOW and WHY without even really trying to answer that very question. This… Continue reading Enough

We Watch

this is a rough work. We Wait As time goes by our numbers only grow and we wait. We wait for the day we can be at rest knowing it may never come.We wait.For Providence, Sanity, and Hope.We wait for the Impossible Trinity like childrenwaiting for their prize. We watch them scurry like insects out… Continue reading We Watch

Shooting Stars – a story

This is a first draft. Please judge it as such. Mom told me that shooting stars were just falling angels wasting wishes from heaven. She said - wish on that falling angel honey, and maybe it’s wish will become yours. I wasn’t sure I believed it but I did as she told me to and… Continue reading Shooting Stars – a story

There Is Only Down

When I lost mom I felt like I was falling.  Falling and would never stop falling.  There was only down.  When my mom entered hospice it came with it a surreal feeling of deja vu.  Wasn’t she already IN hospice care? You see, for several months mom’s health had been declining and in that she… Continue reading There Is Only Down

A Fall – a story

rough draft of a story i wrote this week before finding out about the loss of a friend who took their own life. this story feels very raw and real to me but i think there's a sort of truth in that that maybe someone can get somthing from.  There was no flash. No revelation.… Continue reading A Fall – a story

End Times

2018 will be a year that sticks with me for many reasons but the biggest is the loss of my mother, something we knew was coming but which, as they say, you are never prepared for when it happens. With mom it was a slow decline that we could only bear silent witness to. It… Continue reading End Times

Good Grief

Grief is a different monster for every person. To some it is robed and silent, watching from a distance, for others it is hulking and ever-present, pushing in on every breath. Everyone experiences it and it’s lifequakes differently. There is not a right way to go through grief and until you get into self-harm and… Continue reading Good Grief


As we get older we realize that the journey ahead is never a straight path. It is a zig-zag that takes you forwards, backwards, sideways and through terribly deep brush. The journey ahead is one that has lots of forks and unseen trails and most of the time we’ll find that the most valuable detours… Continue reading Introducing DANNY FRANKENSTEIN…