One For The Road

There are topics that I write about and will swing back to time and again as new perspective emerges, as I discover I have more to say, or when I just plumb forget that I wrote about the topic.


As more and more films are remade it occurs to me that we still have a lot of legendary directors that are still among the living and still able bodied and who all deserve to go out on a high note. Now, WANTING them to do that and seeing them do that is another thing.

I have rambled at great length about this topic but it keeps nagging at me.

We have some filmmakers who are legitimate genre legends who deserve better.

I will grant you all day that the directors I can think of have seen better days, and have not produced anything excellent in a while BUT I also offer that most of them probably feel like the trouble to get funding, approval, a script, a cast, and then working with the studio system only to have your film dumped on home video has to really take the pleasure out of things. Worse, I can’t imagine the frustration of wanting to work on projects and not get support when countless re-treads and downright awful films are given the greenlight all the time.

Naturally, this isn’t foolproof.

It isn’t a sure thing.

It’s a what if.

But What If…

What if they did something similar to what they tried with Masters of Horror but did it with a feature film. Give the directors a hard budget of less than say, five million, pair them with a good young writer or let them adapt something. Let them focus only in the direction of the work. These are all folks that came up making no-budget films who should still have those chops where they can make a good film that isn’t about cost but is about the story and style.

You’re telling me Carpenter, Craven, Romero, Argento, Hooper and on and on, that these folks don’t have one last good horror film left in them?

Sure, not all of those people are even done with directing but they’re all getting close to being done and many directors are not focusing on horror any longer. So what if?

What if someone like Amazon or Hulu or another company came along and tried this experiment?

Old school. Low budget. Down and dirty horror filmmaking. Horror at its finest.

Maybe some aren’t any good…but maybe some are.

I can for sure tell you I’d rather watch something like this, a film from one of the old masters that has a spark of ambition and passion to it, than any of the dozen or so junk horror movies that get some manner of funding and get dumped right onto home video. You’re telling me The Pyramid was worth the time and money?

It’s a long shot and a dream. But dreaming is what we geeks do, isn’t it? Hoping and dreaming. Odds are if the stars did align a lot of the people would dismiss the idea altogether. Maybe with reason. There’d be strings. There are always strings. It breaks my heart to think we’ll never see one last try from some of these folks though. One last sincere effort that isn’t crap. There are too many yes-people surrounding them to protect them from the cruel realities of a studio system that feels like those horses should be left out to pasture. What if though?

These are folks that deserve to do things their way one last time. If they make movies after, then awesome, if not, then awesome. But one last time – their way.

With the talent in the horror world, the writers, actors, artists, effects people, lighting people, musicians, cinematographers, with all of these people we can’t get something together? People wouldn’t LOVE the opportunity to work with a legend?

I don’t get it.

Horror is so screwed up.

I get that it’s about money. It’s about franchise. It’s about popcorn and pop sales.

I get that.

It’s a business.

The thing though is that the core of the business is us, us horror geeks, and if you do right by us, we’ll come back again and again. We’ll tell people to watch the movie. We’ll buy the movie. We’ll buy the merch. We WANT to love horror, to geek out about it, blog about it, podcast about it, and tell the world about the good movies.
We just need more good movies.

We need more trust.

There is always an audience for boobs, blood, and drugs.


But that’s aiming for the lowest common denominator that MAY go see your film but will most just rent, stream, or torrent it. They aren’t invested in the genre or its creators.

It’s a risk. An experiment.

But what if?

It’s such a shame that of all the talent, all the money, all the passion that surrounds horror we can’t get more of these folks to work together.

Maybe it’s studios.

Maybe it’s fans.

Maybe it’s them.

All I can say is that, as a fan, I would love to see this.

Sure, most of these folks are done or nearing the end but wouldn’t it be nice – one last time, one last old school movie from the heart, one last hurrah, one for the road?

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