The Doom Of Geekdom

I was a STAR WARS kid growing up.  I had the toys, I loved the movies, and I imagined that universe and its people all of the time. I wondered what Episodes 1, 2, and 3 might be (since we started, it turned out, with part 4) and wondered where it’d all lead.  I don’t… Continue reading The Doom Of Geekdom

Sit Back And Relax

Man alive, sometimes I wonder why folks even call themselves fans if they are so consistently angry and upset about the things they ‘love’. So many INSIST that their beloved source of fandom has betrayed them and the legacy of that property.  WHAT HAVE THOSE MONSTERS DONE? Take the newest Star Wars films and how… Continue reading Sit Back And Relax


It gets exhausting being a fan. It’s hard enough to keep straight the reboots, prequels, sequels, offshoots, and all the merchandise that comes out in every flavor possible without then having to ask yourself - am I one of THOSE fans? And the THOSE in this case are the fans that take things not just… Continue reading Fan-Dumb

Once Upon A Hobbit

As a diehard Peter Jackson fan my mind blew when I learned he was going to be adapting the epic fantasy series. I had followed Jackson’s career since I first saw the VHS box for his firs film BAD TASTE. There was something fun and outrageous about his style that I adored and in seeing… Continue reading Once Upon A Hobbit

Who We Stand With And What We Stand For

Fandom is a strange sort of magic. Strangers united under the same umbrella, bound by a love of things that are not always as physical as they are ethereal. Bound by things that the mainstream once deemed as frivolous and wasteful but which found their way into the mainstream. Suddenly the mainstream embraced things they… Continue reading Who We Stand With And What We Stand For

As A Fan – Pt. 2

I had the interesting opportunity this past weekend to check out a convention that wasn't my 'scene' and it was fascinating. I lean more towards horror conventions and comic conventions if the truth be told, though I VERY rarely go to shows as a fan. I like the fan experience but loathe crowds and never… Continue reading As A Fan – Pt. 2

A Game Of Expectations

There are days, like today, where I am glad I am out of the convention game. For the five years that we did shows locally I loved them. I loved ALMOST the entire process. Almost. But I loved it. Now that it’s over I miss it, for sure, but I can live with missing it… Continue reading A Game Of Expectations

THE CON GAME – The Long Way Forward

Nothing I am going to write is new. None of it is revelatory. None of it will do more than cause a bubble in the ocean but all of it comes from someone at ground zero of the killing fields of convention life. Anyone who knows me knows my record but I’ll restate it for… Continue reading THE CON GAME – The Long Way Forward

The Circle

I went to my first convention when I was just a kid. Two friends and I went to a Fangoria Weekend of Horrors show in Dearborn, Michigan and spent the weekend there. This was in 1990. We went back in 1991 and those were the only two times that Fango visited the Mighty Mitten. Those… Continue reading The Circle

And The Geeks Shall Inherit Themselves

Sometimes it feels like I go around and around on a topic so many times, from so many angles, that I am living in a strange sort of time loop and am not really getting anywhere. But it’s not that I am not getting anywhere, people are the ones not getting anywhere. The people in… Continue reading And The Geeks Shall Inherit Themselves

The Professionals – more rambling about conventions

The Professionals I have written a lot about conventions and I will keep writing more because I have been attending and involved in them since 1994. I am certainly not the biggest flag bearer for cons out there because I don’t attend that many, but I have vended, attended, and put one together for four… Continue reading The Professionals – more rambling about conventions