The Spotlight

If I had to tell you who on earth decides to undertake event coordination as an avocation, you know, for funsies, I’d break it down into two types of people. The person in it for themselves. The person in it for the community. Now, that isn’t to say that the person more focused on the… Continue reading The Spotlight

The Big Con

I think over the years I have been writing in this blog that it's clear enough that I love conventions. As far as I can figure, Fangoria's WEEKEND OF HORRORS was my first (and second), with the Motor City Comic Conventions coming after and by then I was hooked. I loved conventions, the WEEKEND more… Continue reading The Big Con

Who We Stand With And What We Stand For

Fandom is a strange sort of magic. Strangers united under the same umbrella, bound by a love of things that are not always as physical as they are ethereal. Bound by things that the mainstream once deemed as frivolous and wasteful but which found their way into the mainstream. Suddenly the mainstream embraced things they… Continue reading Who We Stand With And What We Stand For

As A Fan – Pt. 2

I had the interesting opportunity this past weekend to check out a convention that wasn't my 'scene' and it was fascinating. I lean more towards horror conventions and comic conventions if the truth be told, though I VERY rarely go to shows as a fan. I like the fan experience but loathe crowds and never… Continue reading As A Fan – Pt. 2

As A Fan

So I write about conventions usually from the middle of the aisle. I vend at shows, and I have run shows, and I have attended them. I have seen things from more than one angle. I started out though going to shows and while I don't go to many anymore - lack of money and… Continue reading As A Fan

A Game Of Expectations

There are days, like today, where I am glad I am out of the convention game. For the five years that we did shows locally I loved them. I loved ALMOST the entire process. Almost. But I loved it. Now that it’s over I miss it, for sure, but I can live with missing it… Continue reading A Game Of Expectations

The Distance of Dreams

If you are lucky enough to have a dream in life you realize that eventually you must let that dream go. It doesn’t mean that you failed or that the dream failed but that you must move forward from that dream. The hope is that you got to live it, to some degree, and can… Continue reading The Distance of Dreams

The Con Game 2016

Convention life is a very strange thing. For the time you are there – three-ish days usually – it is as if there is no world outside of the con. You don’t see the news until the show is over for the day. You don’t know the weather unless you go outside. And the usual… Continue reading The Con Game 2016

Why I Do It

In talking to someone at work today I mentioned that I was going to a big comic convention this weekend to sell my books. They said that sounded like fun and hoped I sold some books. I told them - well, I don't. I never do. (This is writer hyperbole - I DO sell books,… Continue reading Why I Do It