Make No Mistake

Make no mistake, the table has never been set for all Americans.This should not be a new and sudden revelation as you look at the way Native Americans were initially treated and continue to be treated and how minorities and ‘certain’ people are treated in this nation.We have never been perfect, which is fine, but… Continue reading Make No Mistake

With Torches Burning

As we all do our best to survive the global pandemic with our sanity and lives intact there is something horrifying and nefarious that is creeping into our daily lives and that’s the armed protestors that are appearing more and more frequently at our state’s capitols. There is reason for fear, for worry, and for… Continue reading With Torches Burning

The Change

In this rapidly changing world I think we tend to lose sight of the fact that we want and oft times demand things of people at a speed that is unreasonable. We want to put the past on trial every few years, looking at it with new eyes and new social and cultural viewpoints and… Continue reading The Change

Sorry Not Sorry 

So when I write these blogs I write them with the understanding that I am screaming into the darkness. Talking to myself. These are my way to think through things and to see how they look on a shelf. A person or two may read my bloggies and that is rad but I don’t really… Continue reading Sorry Not Sorry 


In a perfect world there would be no homelessness, no war, no poverty, there would be none of the problems that we deal with in the world on a daily basis. In this perfect world we wouldn’t have to make the choice of whether we pay the bill or eat for a week. Life is… Continue reading WORK AND HOPE AND CHANGE

Never Left

On this Fourth of July, as we revel in the bombastic nature of patriotism, remember the many things we have to be thankful for, we Americans, and remember the things that must still be changed in this nation of ours, it is also a good time to remember and honor Those That Remain. Hope. Re-Birth.… Continue reading Never Left