First Snow – holiday story 2022

I offer you this late Christmas treat...something sour to the tongue and harsh on the digestion. If it was going to snow, it would have to come in the form of a miracle. She had been watching the weather forecasts on three different apps and two websites and it was clear sailing. This was going… Continue reading First Snow – holiday story 2022

A Spooky Reading

Herein I am reading a summer '20 story I wrote for a Flint Horror Collective online storytelling event. The story is called TOUCH. If you dig it, check out my little online bookstore and pick something up.

Man-Made-Meats – a tale

Consider this a golden oldie. I wrote this for a website I had a long, long, long time ago. Just me being weird. It has never made it into a book. Perhaps it will some day. It's just so darned weird. It was slated for an abandoned collection but maybe that collection shall rise again… Continue reading Man-Made-Meats – a tale

We Watch

this is a rough work. We Wait As time goes by our numbers only grow and we wait. We wait for the day we can be at rest knowing it may never come.We wait.For Providence, Sanity, and Hope.We wait for the Impossible Trinity like childrenwaiting for their prize. We watch them scurry like insects out… Continue reading We Watch

Red Magic – a story

Red Magic  When I was kid I believed in magic. I believed in fairies, Santa, and ghosts, and the Bigfoot, and all of that. I believed that ours was a world of magic that hid just out of sight and away from adult eyes. Hiding where those pure of heart could find it when they… Continue reading Red Magic – a story

Marilyn and the Scary Movie

In honor of my mom's birthday I wrote this for her. Marilyn and the Scary Movie   “Oh, for cryin’ in the sink!” Marily declared as she took her hand away from her head and then watched as each of the five curlers she’d just put in her hair came free and fell from her head.… Continue reading Marilyn and the Scary Movie


this is my first draft rough holiday story i just concocted. i am sure there's plenty to fix but, you can get a feel for my thought process here AND a holiday tale just in time for Halloween. Enjoy! And if you dig it, pop over to the Haunted Bookstore and check out one of… Continue reading TRUNK OR TREAT – story

Further – a story

had the germ of this in my head for a few days and had the time at a comic con i was vending at today so i wrote it.  Further. Out past the first marker that tells you that you've made it fifty feet from shore, arms starting to ache vaguely as I close my… Continue reading Further – a story