Some Good. Some Bad. Some Ugly. So What?

It’s always an easy go-to for film fans to declare THIS year or THAT year is the greatest ever for a genre or for film in general. Or even better, to declare that THIS IS THE WORST ERA EVER for movies or a genre.  It’s low hanging fruit.  Sure, you can rattle off reasons for… Continue reading Some Good. Some Bad. Some Ugly. So What?

I Am The Door – a short film

When I made The Last Halloween the plan had been one film and done. I would have scratched that particular itch and would feel good about it. One and done. My filmmaking days were really in my youth. When I was a carefree kid improv-ing movies with friends. The older you get the more serious it… Continue reading I Am The Door – a short film

That One Time I Used To Do Stuff

As much of a movie person as I am I can’t say I ever had aspirations to direct, act, or really be involved seriously with film. I have an awful memory, I am not a leader, and I can barely balance a pencil so forget a movie budget. I am a film voyeur, not participant.… Continue reading That One Time I Used To Do Stuff

Taking Back Horror

Horror, at its heart, is about the war at the base of human existence, the war of evolution and instinct. Evolution tells us we have to keep moving forward because we have no choice, we must move forward to survive but instinct warns us to be wary of moving ahead too quickly because there are… Continue reading Taking Back Horror

Down Dusty Aisles…

Now, this is going to sound very old-guy of me but sometimes I really feel bad for kids growing up today. Just, I suppose, as people from my parents' generation felt bad for my generation. I think it's just a cycle that continues on and on and on. Why do I feel bad for the… Continue reading Down Dusty Aisles…

Blades – review

Blades It's hard to admit but sometimes there are movies that just stump you. You watch them, follow the story the best you can, you stick with the thing but darned if you just can't get the groove of the thing. Such was the case of Blades, a movie that was so obvious that I… Continue reading Blades – review

Pontypool – movie review

The sad fact of this film is that, as much as I will refrain from giving away any big plot details, I fear that you will learn far too much from any other sources you are going to seek out. Well, such as it is, I am sorry, as this is a film better left… Continue reading Pontypool – movie review