Thoughts and Prayers – poem

I thank you for your thoughts and prayers

And for your deep and heartfelt cares

I think you for your loving god

And your sad and knowing nod


I thank you for your status postings

I thank you for your righteous boasting

I want to thank you, oh so much

For the virtual hand and offered touch


I think your care is so divine

I think your outlook is mostly fine

You sort of get it mostly right

To say that it’s your right to fight

For things you want and need and have

Despite though wound gone through my calve


I appreciate your want to save

Our country from the rights we gave

To men of power, men of right,

Men who with far too narrowed sight


I respect the reasons why you fear

People who don’t live close or near

People darker than your friends

People different than your trends


I guess I am just different

And see a stranger world

Where people aren’t afraid to walk

Without pistols gripped with pearl


I see people as they are

Balls of fucking shit

Made of glass and fragile yes,

But also hard as steel

People who will give a hand and offer up

An openness of heart

People who don’t need to show

Their open carried arms


I thank you for the fuck you gave

As you drove on by

Making sure to see our blood

With every inch of eye

I might ask you, as you leave

Just one wee little thing

To stop with all the fucking prayers

Which you never fucking mean

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