Clever Little Bandicoot

I offer to you a response. A response to an HR form letter I received after applying for a job that didn't want a letter of introduction but just a resume. I hate HR departments. They are the same as any gate keeping arm of something - they want the easy way, the fast way,… Continue reading Clever Little Bandicoot

Buried In Clay – a poem

Ya know… I just hate to say I look towards the day Your body’s buried deep in the clay. It feels bad to think That I’ll raise up a drink To know it’s you not your behavior that stinks. In every act, word, and deed You begged of a need To feed your vast greed.… Continue reading Buried In Clay – a poem

Still Born – a poem

I don't tend to write poetry because I don't write it well but this sprang forth and here it is. Like everything else, I was stillborn.  Life fading like the last light of the day.  Eyes closing.  Mouth opening.  Fist unfurling as a flag with no fight.  I would enter darkness as a small bang. … Continue reading Still Born – a poem

A Girl In A Coffin – a poem

I was selling my wordy wares at an event some friends and I cooked up this past weekend and during the day I wrote this creepy little missive to underwater love.  A Girl In A Coffin A girl in a coffin Lives in the bay Though no tongue she still has Much she can say.… Continue reading A Girl In A Coffin – a poem

Thoughts and Prayers – poem

I thank you for your thoughts and prayers And for your deep and heartfelt cares I think you for your loving god And your sad and knowing nod   I thank you for your status postings I thank you for your righteous boasting I want to thank you, oh so much For the virtual hand… Continue reading Thoughts and Prayers – poem

ONE – a battle flag poem

One week ago two friends and I held the book release for our book Battle Flag. The book is our response to a world that seems to have gone mad. The event was a step towards understanding and healing that world one word at a time. It was an amazing evening and I'd like to think… Continue reading ONE – a battle flag poem

Raising the BATTLE FLAG

After the results of the election and the punishment of a drawn out and brutal election season I found myself looking at a future I didn’t believe in. Whatever happened would happen, but I needed to find my place in that future. When I learned that one of the plans for the incoming Presidential administration… Continue reading Raising the BATTLE FLAG

The Art of Art

The Art of Art In the rush to embrace the next trend, crown the next genius, and jump on the next bandwagon I think we forget that art is about you. Or rather You. Art is a lot of things, so many things that people get years of schooling just to tell others what is… Continue reading The Art of Art

Art With a "Message"

I can be called many things but an elitist is not one of those things. I grew up a dork, and remain a dork to this day. That is who I am. And having not done art since I was a teenager, I am a self taught artist, so any ego I have about my… Continue reading Art With a "Message"

It ain't good, it's great…

Sometimes I think we get too caught up in the whole greatness game. Sure, sure, we all wanna be good, great, or just pretty darn decent, and forget why it is we do what we do. With writing, I have always had the sense to just do it, and not worry about where I will… Continue reading It ain't good, it's great…

Without – a poem

This is part two of the duo, the dark side of the mirror, if you will. To every light there is a shadow. Something to keep in mind. Without There is no sense in siphoning water from an empty well. There is no light in an empty cave. A desert knows no hope. I laugh.… Continue reading Without – a poem

With – a poem

This is part of a duo, the companion piece to come later. I wrote essentially from two sides of the mirror, and this is one of the sides. With With you I am complete. I am - whole strong beautiful. In your eyes I see the glimmer of a secret heart I barely even know.… Continue reading With – a poem