A Girl In A Coffin – a poem

I was selling my wordy wares at an event some friends and I cooked up this past weekend and during the day I wrote this creepy little missive to underwater love. 

A Girl In A Coffin

A girl in a coffin

Lives in the bay

Though no tongue she still has

Much she can say.

Of Whsipers

Of Passion

Of Promises

Of Lies

Of all of the reasons that all of us die.


A girl in a coffin

In a water grave

Long dead though she is

She has something to say.

The Reasons

The Places

The Hows and the Whys

And maybe the answer

To why she had to die.

She loved the wrong woman, or maybe wrong man.

Or the right one perhaps

If answer, she can.

Or she picked the wrong coffin,

To lay in and nap.

Or maybe she lies.

Maybe it’s a trap.


You’ll find her in water

Both deep and quite cold.

You’ll find she is lovely,

Though covered in mold.

Her beauty they spoke of

In song and in poem.

And even once in,

A damnable tome.

You’ll find her hands grasping,

Her body calling your name.

Maybe you’ll fall

Prey to her game.

You’ll find her lips








If only you’ll love her

Till you breathe no more.


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