This small tease is taken from the very beginning of my upcoming book TATTERED TENTS & WHISPERED WISHES. The book is the story of a young person searching for the one place on earth they feel they may belong – The Fair. The book will be released on Friday, March 13th.

I think all of us, should we live long enough, will find the moment in our lives where the past is a distant horizon, the future and unseen star, and the present is a tightrope between the two. Around you is light and noise and the chaos of living and dying and you slowly make your way forward along that expanse, above the abyss, praying your next step is true. The only thing certain is that nothing is certain.

For me, the only thing I knew was that what I was moving towards, uncertain though it was, was a world better than where I came from and if I fell, then I fell, but by god I’d try just the same.

And through all those years nothing seemed real, nor safe, and the only thing I could do was to keep walking that tightrope and to keep chasing the thing I should be running from.

All I knew was forward.



And the Fair.

The Fair.

The place where dreams and nightmares converge and combine into something wonderfully grotesque.

The place where every smile hid a razorblade and every monster a heart of gold.

A place as full of life as every patron that came to visit or worker that came and stayed.

The Fair.

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