What Comes Next – blog

So, I write. A lot. I know, you’re shocked. SHOCKED! Since getting off of social media I have written a LOT more. I have the opportunity and I need to write because my head is just full, full, full of things and writing is the best way to get them out of myself. Blogging is… Continue reading What Comes Next – blog

Another Big Thing

I have officially completed the first draft of the next book, a dark thriller. This was not an intentional thing but once I got writing it just sorta kept doing its thing. I began it just under a month ago and, first draft finished, I have a book just under traditional novel length. We'll see… Continue reading Another Big Thing


With the release of the new book I thought I would share the opening. While it doesn't give you the full view of the strange world you will be entering it does give you an idea of where things get rolling. Things would be different if I were in charge. I assure you. And yes,… Continue reading RELIQUARY IN BLACK – sample

New Book Update – blog

Oh, hey, what's going on? Happy, er, uh...Spwinter? That weird place where it's winter but starting to become spring. Oh, such a fun time. As 2022 keeps rolling onward and the seven seals keep getting released one by one I find myself knee deep in the edit for the new book. I had hoped to… Continue reading New Book Update – blog

ARE WE MONSTERS – new book release!

It's strange to me to look at the desktop of my laptop and see the folders there for books I am 'working' on and to say to myself - 'oh hey, that's done now'. It's a great feeling, but a strange one. Especially since now I have to go through and get rid of the… Continue reading ARE WE MONSTERS – new book release!

The Boos of Summer Are Here!

Summer is the perfect time for a good chill. Check out one of these books when you're looking for a case of the creeps. All books are available on Amazon.com - https://www.amazon.com/Chris-Ringler/e/B00502P2DS. https://www.amazon.com/Chris-Ringler/e/B00502P2DS

NEW BOOK – Be There/I Am Here

2020 was weird for all of us. Living in the age of Covid we all were doing the best we could to survive the isolation, the boredom, and the stress. Some became productive, some took the time to focus on themselves, some just survived. For me, I got super productive, as far as writing goes.… Continue reading NEW BOOK – Be There/I Am Here

I’m Honored – blog

I have been writing seriously since I was a teenager. I had my first book published in 1999. In all those years I have had a few articles written about me, I had a few folks notice what I did, and I have carved out my small little space in the world doing what I… Continue reading I’m Honored – blog

2020 In Review

Like everyone else, this was a hard year for me. Saying that though, I was able to accomplish some things and have had my life forever changed. I have spoken so much about the virus I want to talk about life. I am a father. We went from zero to baby all during the pandemic.… Continue reading 2020 In Review