I have talked at some length of my book ROAD KILL, a novel I put out in 2019. The book was one of those projects I was desperate to get completed after having lost the original handwritten story when I was a kid. I dunno how many different versions of the book I had in my head but it changed from a simple story about two cruel friends who tortured animals and got their comeuppance to a deeper, darker stories about two people who were the best of friends and became the worst of people. The funny thing about the story was that even back when I wrote it I knew it wasn’t the ‘end’.

I knew the story went on.

In a different way.

For me, the story went forward with Tilling Diem, the father of one of the main characters from ROAD KILL, and with his revenge after his son’s death. That didn’t necessarily make sense with the first version of the story, though I took a good crack at making it make sense, but in this new version of the story it makes perfect sense.

For me, this is the end of a sort of Munsonville Trilogy, the last book of three that tell tales about the small town of Munsonville, Michigan that I have written about for so long, and ties up the three main stories that involve Tilling Diem.

ROAD KILL tells the story of Bubba and Spector and Tilling is a presence but certainly not the star.

ROAD KILLERS is all about Tilling and the journey he takes to find out the truth about what happened to his son and the truth about the town of Munsonville itself.

ROOTS OF ASH is the final book in the Munsonville cycle, telling the story of the legendary witches that haunt the woods in the town, and the affect they’ve have on the people and the place. Tilling isn’t featured but he plays into the main novelette of the book and sees his story finally draw to a conclusion.

I realize that I am the author of all of this so naturally I am going to gush and say how amazing this all is and great and blah, blah, blah but I’m not. I just don’t operate that way. I DO think really like these three books though, my weird little sort of trilogy about a town shrouded in secrets and evil. I really like ROAD KILLERS because of what it represents and what it does as a novel. Like ROAD KILL it’s a mean piece of work about nasty people but there is love, there is redemption, and there is justice, of a sort. It’s the story of a man wanting answers and willing to do anything to get them.

With some help.

There’s a throughline that connects the three books, and I love it. There are connectors between the three books with characters and themes and I feel like the three books just go together very well and work hand in hand in hand.

I can’t say I won’t ever write more Munsonville stories, the town still stands after all, but I think that these three books are a pretty great capper for what has all come before and HECK, bonus, paired with A SHADOW OVER EVER that’s pretty much the big magilla for Munsonville and it’s most famous deniziens.

ROAD KILLERS has been done for a while now and it’s time to finally release it. I was waiting until another project I am involved in – UNIMAGINABLE – Tales of the Sasquatch – was out and had some room to breathe before I released this one and I think the timing is perfect because I plan to release it around the same time my daughter is born, which is pretty neat.

The ROAD KILLERS are coming and I hope you give it a look.


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