NEW BOOK – Be There/I Am Here

2020 was weird for all of us.

Living in the age of Covid we all were doing the best we could to survive the isolation, the boredom, and the stress. Some became productive, some took the time to focus on themselves, some just survived.

For me, I got super productive, as far as writing goes. With a baby on the way I knew I needed to bank some work to get it done not knowing how life would change when my daughter came – phew, huge change, by the by. Over the course of 2020 I finished work on RoadKillers, I collected and wrote new stories for a horror anthology I’ll release later this year, I wrote two short novels that became the book I am going to talk about, and then I wrote a mystery novel that will maybe seen the light of day someday – WHO KNOWS?

Be There/I Am Here

In all of the books I have put out I have never put one out that was just a fiction novel. It wasn’t horror, or fantasy, or anything else, but was just a book about two people, broken and searching for answers in lives heading in different directions. Be There/I Am Here is the story of a brother and sister, each book told from one or the other’s perspective, who are trying to make sense of the lives they lived.

BE THERE is told by the brother, Kyle, who has lived a life he has felt both prisoner and passenger of and who is trying to make sense of what it has all meant. As he comes to grips with his past though he must also reckon with what his future could be.

I AM HERE is told from sister Karen’s perspective as she tries to reckon what her life meant, if anything. Faced with a horror of a different kind she has to ask herself what made her who she is, and what it has all meant.

Both stories are about family and asks the question of how we reconcile our past with who we become.

These books are strange animals and completely different than anything else I have done, and it feels like a bizarre creature that I will have to get used to being in existence. I love this book and how scary it is to me and how raw it feels. I am not sure it will ever be embraced by many, but I am glad it’s out in the world and is part of who I am.

This book means I have released a new book every year since 2009, which is crazy to me.


I really hope you’ll check Be There/I Am Here out.

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