THE LAND OF BLUE LAKES – found footage review

Found Footage Review

I am just gonna say it now, it’s super weird watching/reviewing a Russian film right now but the thing I need to remember, that we ALL need to remember, is that the people of a nation don’t always reflect the idiots in charge. So, here we go.

This is one of those easy-breezy sort of found footage films that works really well because of the chemistry of the people in front of the camera. Without knowing their relationships to one another it’s hard to know if it is acting or just a captured friendship. The problem with so many of these types of films is that the focus is so clearly on building the friendship that they will often neglect the reason we all came – the scares.

Let’s see if this one can avoid that trap.

THE LAND OF BLUE LAKES follows a group of friends as they take a short trip together down a series of connected lakes in their kayaks, planning to camp along the way. They are in no rush, are happy to just spend time together, and are clearly enjoying themselves as they slip from one lake into the next and eventually to a small isolated island to camp before heading off again to finish their journey down the seven lakes. As the group travels one of their friends starts to tell them that these lakes were once home to pagans that would sacrifice virgins whose spirits would help protect the lands from the old gods and vengeful spirits. These seem just like the sort of tales one tells on a trip into the wilderness but as the friends get out to more and more isolated areas we start to see remnants of the pagans and begin to wonder if this race of people and their gods are so far in the past after all.

Well, let’s get to it, no, it’s not successful in its balancing act.

There, that’s out of the way.

This is a decent found footage, ya know?

It’s well shot, it’s breezy, the characters are all likable and the relationships feel real and natural. The shooting does get a bit pushed at times but generally isn’t too much (until the end where, like most of these you’re like – why the eff are you FILMING! RUN!). The set up is pretty good. Heck, they even did the – the footage was found on the Dark Web.


You’ve done it again!

This is a likable movie, darn it.

I just wish they actually made it a scary one.

There’s some thin spooks scattered in but it doesn’t really add anything. The thing is that when you dumb ALL of the terror into the last, say, fifteen minutes, it just doesn’t work. You’d have to go SO far out into left field that it changes the entire film. They do not do this. They just have a few weird things, then backload the scares and try to give you a reason for it, sort of.

You kinda gotta put it together, but it’s there.

It’s a drag because this has the bones to be a creepy movie, and could have been, heck, even the ending gives a glimpse of something but then it sorta just…ends. Like a lot of these do.


This is a great concept, and the use of history and mythology is great.


Heck, I don’t even know that there are that many foreign language found footage movies so there’s that as well.

Alas, it just can’t close the deal, and that’s too bad. It’s worth a look for those curious, because it’s not a bad film, it just doesn’t seal the deal. There’s far worse found footage out there, but it will leave you wanting more that just isn’t there, and that’s a drag.

2 out of 5

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