Station Break

Hey there, friend and pal.

Hey there, indeed.

This is just a brief interruption of your usual spoonful of sugary sweetness wrapped up in a blog or review to mention my fictional exploits. As I mention from time to time.

I am a writer.

Author, if you will.

I have written and published over twenty books over the course of the last wagonful of years.

I tend to write darker content that borders on horror and favor short stories. If you look though you’ll find a fiction book, a fantasy series, and some children’s books mixed in there.

More than anything else I am a storyteller, as you have hopefully seen via my blog.

Do me a favor and check out my wares on Amazon and see if there’s something that speaks to you. You can order the books through a local retailer too, I am sure, but all my publishing is through Amazon though.


Your Pal, Chris.

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