A Pretty Simple Question

I keep seeing these idiotic rabble rousing trolls that fancy themselves as playtime warriors and standard bearers for White American men clowning at events and gatherings that have nothing to do with them but which they find DESPERATELY offensive. 

What I wonder, and what I ask is – What actual ‘code’ do you live by?

I ask, not wanting an answer, because there is no legitimate code and no answer that matters, but ask it because I need to make a point. 

These men are part of the group that decries ‘Cancel Culture’ while trying to cancel things and people they disagree with. They talk as if they are spoiled kids not getting their way and dress like they are ready for combat against people who are unarmed. 

It’s this weird, pantomime of television masculinity that masks deep-seated issues beneath the surface. 

These men who claim they are CONQUERORS not THIEVES, implying that ‘their people’ CONQUERED the lands and thus have some sort of sovereign right to them and they didn’t TAKE them. The weird, childish difference here is laughable. ‘HEY! My people took the land by force and didn’t, you know, sneak thief it. RARRR!’

Whatever, bro. 

It’s clownish. 

Because, here’s the thing so WHO were your people that CONQUERED the land?

A lot of the ones that claimed America were Portuguese and Spanish, but, well, wouldn’t those be people of color?

I don’t recall a lot of history of the Brits or Anglos conquering America. They came after and had a hard time surviving in a harsh climate they weren’t used to. They weren’t exactly conquerors, either. OH, maybe it’s the Vikings, the group fascists love to point to but which don’t have a really long history of conquest in the Americas. Yeah, there’s thought that they came here but they certainly didn’t have colonies here that lasted. 

So, who were these conquerors?

These people live in a fairy tale where the movie 300 is a historically accurate piece of work. In their minds shirtless White men stormed through and bravely took this and took that and liberated buxom women from their savage lives. It’s a joke. They white washed history in their minds so much that they think that they are somehow the heirs to White Masculinity as they hide behind masks and do most of their dirty work behind computer screens. 


They want to fight the nonviolent and threaten the innocent because it makes them feel strong and gives them masturbatory material when they are online bragging to one another. 

The great day of honor for these meatheads came on January 6th when they tried to overthrow the government and since then, now that their lives are no longer in jeopardy, we keep hearing the Right tell us that gosh, they were just there exercising their rights. They weren’t like those nasty looters and such. 

No sir. 

These idiots that looked, again, like spoiled children throwing tantrums as they ransacked the Capitol building with no real plan in place or agenda other than to Pwn the Libs. 

Get it. 

Tough stuff. 

And me, I am no tough guy. 

Far from it. 

I too am just a guy behind a keyboard. 

Only, I am not stomping about with military gear pretending to be tough. 

I am not threatening people who don’t see the world the way I do. 

I am not crying about being replaaaaaaaaaaaced by some vague Other who is out there waiting to, what, take my job?

Girl, you may do it better than me, so get it. 

This is where we are as a society. 

Men playing army, needing their semi-auto rifles and body armor and helmets as they gear up for a war they’d never win. 

Never win. 

And these guys don’t wanna genuinely fight, their time in the military behind them now or having never happened. 

No, they just wanna play pretend or find an opportunity like the punk who killed the protestors and do something they can get away with.

They wanna be heroes but not if it’s going to cost them much. 

These, our modern day conquerors. 


So yeah, what’s that code?

Is it Christian, because, I am PRETTY sure Christ wouldn’t be down with what you’re doing or how you are acting, the guy who, you know, healed the sick and all that. 

Is it the code of the Conqueror because, again, who exactly, because you certainly need to make sure they are White first. 


Hopefully they know because I sure as heck don’t. 


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