The It’s Not Fair Party

It’s strange to see so many adults acting like children but here we are. 

Welcome to 2023. 

It seems silly to read about fellow Americans wanting to expand the footprint of their state because others in their party that live in the neighboring state feel disenfranchised. 

It seems ridiculous to read about a governor so hateful of people different from him that he wants the teaching of their history outlawed and the act of being different in public silenced. 

It seems insane to think that people would rush the Capitol in some odd hope to overthrow the government (!). 

Stranger is that the Republicans now protect those people and pretend that they were simply patriots trying to visit D.C.

This isn’t even a ‘these are strange times’ sort of scenario. 


This is a – this party is treasonous and we just don’t want to say that because it will make them cry. 

The Republican party has become treasonous though. 

And here we are. 

And believe me, as I always say, while I identify as a Dem, I am not unaware of their foibles, greed, and idiocy, it’s just that, well, I don’t hear them calling for a second Civil War. 

I don’t see Dems declaring their excitement of the prospect of armed conflict. 

As the tides of the nation changed in the mid 1900’s and people of color were seen as more than a percentage of a person and women got the vote white folks and Republicans got itchy feet. 

Something was happening and they didn’t like it. 

THEY were coming. 

The THEY that the whites had fled cities to avoid. 

The THEY that were baddies in countless books and movies. 

The heathenous THEY that  were godless and would lure innocent children into doing drugs and other immoral acts. 

It’d be funny if it wasn’t scary because this was beyond church marms clutching their pearls and was closer to people throwing nooses over branches and trying to look inconspicuous as they decide whether they want to go through with what they’re thinking. 

Oh, is that harsh?

Gosh, I guess I was thinking that the marches by incel racists shouting fascist slogans was just in the past few years. 

Silly me. 

Whether we like it or not, the world has changed. 

Culture has changed. 

People once relegated to the shadows are finally feeling like they don’t have to hide who they are lest they face abuse or threats of death. 

We have reached a point in history where reality and illusion of reality are clashing and tearing at the fabric of our nation. The fact is that none of us will ever be happy with how the nation and world is going and them is the breaks. 


In trying to appeal to a nation of people with clashing religions and ideals it’s normal to have differences of opinion and ideas. The problem is that instead of either dealing with the changes or trying to alter them (barf) the Right has decided they want to take the ball and go home. 

Problem is that the ball isn’t theirs. 

Neither is society.
Or this nation. 

You can’t just decide to start banning books, banning the discussion of sexuality, banning the teaching of history, and on and on and on and on. 

The Right has reached a point where they decry cancel culture and the idea that they have to be more mindful in how they speak about other people and want to bemoan political correctness yet are literally canceling the teaching of ‘certain’ American history. They define everything they don’t like as ‘woke’ and weaponize the idea of humanizing one another. They think that, darn it, it’s not FAIR that the world is changing and they aren’t gonna stand for it.

They are a party of spoiled children willing to burn the world down to get their way.

Angry that they feel as if their views are not dominant, the Republicans have started forcing them in the states that they lead. If you aren’t a right-wing Christian then your views, and your fears don’t matter. 

This isn’t about you. 

To say this is a scary time is to say that water is wet. 

This is a horrifying time because the very people that are leading this charge, declaring that the ‘Liberals’ are ruining the nation and harming children are also using language of violence that inspire that very thing in their followers. 

And I mean followers. 

It has become cult-like in its beliefs and its adherence to outright lies. Lies that paint the U.S. as a warzone and the Right as messianic saviors. 

You are either in or you are out. 

It scares me to think that education is being privatized and devalued, as if a less talented and intelligent nation is a good thing, but then, maybe it is for some. 

A mass of ill educated people who leap at shadows and reach for their guns when told to. 

A group that favors the Second Amendment to the First, though they happily cry that both are being taken away from them without proof of it.

The party and its people decry the horrors of the left ‘indoctrinating’ children when that is the party that wants to hide history and reality from them and feels it’s OK for them to work jobs like adults again.

The right have taken a genuine sense of unease at seeing society change when they weren’t ready for it and have made it into a holy war that its leadership believes in only so far as it gets them richer and more powerful. 

And here we are. 

I try to put a positive spin on things, to say we will fight and we will win, but this feels so heavy, and so dark. 

The absolutely nihilistic adherence to hate above love and the near worship of violence and weapons is haunting. 

What we do is we don’t back down and we don’t give in to this hate and fear. 

We don’t let them hide people away. 

We don’t let them hide history.
We don’t let them hide education. 

We stand our ground. 

We work together. 

We don’t give in to hate. 

And I dunno that there’s smoother sailing ahead but by god we can’t let them just erase the beauty in our flawed country because it’s uncomfortable for them. 

Whatever god they think shines on them cannot be one of love because it would never support such hate. 

So we have to shine our own love brighter and blind them with a world that refuses to give in. 

Keep fighting. 



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