The Flags We Fly

There’s a strange scent of fire to the air these days.  The scent of casual people sitting by the bonfire, beer in hand, and talking about burning it all down.  This isn’t anything new.  The punk kids did it, the radicals do it, the rebels do it, and anyone that’s ever been burned by a… Continue reading The Flags We Fly

Gun Runner

It takes only a cursory look at the news of the past few years to see a horrible trend and that is one of (mostly)White homeowners taking the Stand Your Ground and Castle Defense to the limits of the law and opening fire at every imagined threat. While I am sure there are always instances… Continue reading Gun Runner

The Customer Is Always Wrong

What the heck happened? There was a time that, though lacking, customer service was still a thing.  Those days though seem long gone now as we have entered the post-Covid world of Meh.  If you ask the corporations they tell you it’s the workforce.  If you ask the workers they’ll tell you it’s the customers. … Continue reading The Customer Is Always Wrong

The It’s Not Fair Party

It’s strange to see so many adults acting like children but here we are.  Welcome to 2023.  It seems silly to read about fellow Americans wanting to expand the footprint of their state because others in their party that live in the neighboring state feel disenfranchised.  It seems ridiculous to read about a governor so… Continue reading The It’s Not Fair Party

The Revenge Tour

Legislation via revenge.  Leadership through grudge.  I can’t say that I saw that as where our politics were heading but here we are.  We are at the point where people want into politics not to lead, not to give back, heck, not even just to be rich and powerful but to track down their enemies… Continue reading The Revenge Tour

A Legacy of Rage

As another story of school violence comes out where a worker has been brutally beaten until unconscious and the student wouldn’t have stopped their beating until the victim was dead if they had not been restrained we have to ask ourselves what it will take to wake us up.  A brutal war has been going… Continue reading A Legacy of Rage

Because Maybe We Don’t Care

I talked about bullying in the past but on seeing some recent news stories I thought I’d dive back in but in another part of that unfortunately large lake.  I was bullied as a kid.  Welcome to the world, right? Everyone is bullied during their life, whether by schoolmates, friends, lovers, family, or strangers.  There… Continue reading Because Maybe We Don’t Care

Death From Above – blog

I can’t tell you when the world changed, but it did.  We changed with it.  The change in us took time, naturally, a slow change that has been painful to watch but is there just the same.  A change that you ask - when did it start? Vietnam? The AIDS epidemic? September 11th? Columbine? What… Continue reading Death From Above – blog


It was almost a corporate mantra for the months of Covid - No one wants to work! Over and over you heard or read it, on the news, on podcasts, in blogs, on the radio, and from business owners themselves.  People just didn’t want to work anymore.  Them lazy people were just happy to suckle… Continue reading Shrinkage

What Is It That Opinions Are Like, Again?

Opinions are interesting, aren’t they? We are all entitled to them, we all have them, and most of us feel the need to spout them from time to time. With this blog, it’s opinions all the time. The thing with something like a blog though is it’s something you have to participate in, in that… Continue reading What Is It That Opinions Are Like, Again?


I saw something today that has stuck with me.  I had dropped my daughter off and was grabbing a quick bite on my way to work when I saw a man and a little girl, bundled up and standing beside the entrance to the place I was going with a sign. I didn’t get a… Continue reading Frayed

The Pay Down

I beat this drum a lot but MAN ALIVE wouldn’t it be nice if the people that did some of the most harm in the world had to, you know, actually suffer consequences for that harm? How many times do we see Billionaire X take a HUGE risk on something only to have it not… Continue reading The Pay Down