Welcome to Thunderdome

Well, not really but that sounds way cooler than – welcome to my blog of words!


Welcome to my interweb word orgy.

See, no one likes to go to word orgies ’cause they’re gross. You lose track of which is a pronoun, which is a noun and, in the end, you end up with your participle dangling.

Oh my!
So, welcome to the bloggy. I have the My Space page, and there are some rad-a-roo stories and such there but I use that to generally talk arty stuff and booky stuff and more arty stuff and here to post stories and some pictures or art. Both sites are friends, this one is just the prettier of the two (just don’t tell the My Space page I said that).

So, my name’s Chris, what’s yours?

I write stories, I take random spooky pictures, and of late I have gotten the art bug in my brain and draw or paint once in a while. Here though, more than anything is a place of stories, so enjoy. As to what I write, I’ll let you decide. Some things are dark, some are funny, some are scary, but to me, they’re all just aspects of me, and just reflections of things I see.

If you like what you read, check the My Space page (www.myspace.com/grimringler) for info on purchasing my collection of short stories Back From Nothing. I also have some prints for sale, some small story samplers for sale, and am world kickboxing champ three years running (that’s an outright lie, I was just trying to impress you. Sorry about that.).

Well, what ya waiting for, read away…


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