IN ROOTS OF ASH – deep dive

When I started writing the first stories that are at the hear of IN ROOTS OF ASH I was writing to tap into the mythos of the woods. I grew up in an area that had two wooded areas and we played in them all the time. We never were afraid but when we started… Continue reading IN ROOTS OF ASH – deep dive

going to be ok – story

most days there is only screaming. a white noise filling her head and crawling through her body like a thousand fire ants. the world was so loud. so angry. so fast. at school she would try to find a corner to go to and sit, away from everyone and everything, trying to grab hold of… Continue reading going to be ok – story

ball – A Story

this is a creepy little story that has been rattling in my brain for a bit now. this is a VERY rough draft of the story. it needs work. it needs smoothing out. i'll do those things...eventually. for now i offer this, a creepy tale i call  BALL I had a dog. I loved that… Continue reading ball – A Story


I don't write romantic stuff a whole lot. It just isn't something that fascinates me as much as other ideas do but this came into my mind and stuck there. I tried to capture the innocence of young summer love and the naive trust in a world that you were just playing a full part… Continue reading AND WHATEVER CAME NEXT – a story

Slow Rot – a story

I guess this is technically Flash Fiction, though I never tend to pay a whole lot of attention to that stuff as I write. This just so happens to be a very brief tale I wrote last night. I like the heck out of it. Strange to be back on a writing kick again with… Continue reading Slow Rot – a story

Sacrifice – Halloween 2014 Story

The temperature had dropped as soon as the sun went down and the children were shivering as they crested Cross Hill. The hill was the unofficial half-way marker between the town of Yance and the deep woods that even the federal government had all but abandoned. As the twenty children reached the top of the… Continue reading Sacrifice – Halloween 2014 Story

The Lady In The Past

This is a new story that was inspired by the desire to do a short, nasty little thing that turned into this, a longer, creepy thing. I REALLY like it. I hope you do to. Fair warning - this is one pass with no edit - so if there are issues they'll be fixed some… Continue reading The Lady In The Past

THE MEEP SHEEP available for order NOW!

I am very proud to announce the release of my newest book - THE MEEP SHEEP, which is a novel told in short story form about the magic and wonder found in the Kingdom of Man. This has been a total labor of love that started over six years ago and which has lead to… Continue reading THE MEEP SHEEP available for order NOW!

Appetizers – a story

This was a story I wrote for a friend of mine and Amanda’s. It was her birthday and this was my gift. It changed a LOT along the way, but I am pretty happy with how it came together. Appetizers She shouldn't be out this far, out this late, and certainly not alone. She knew… Continue reading Appetizers – a story

Novel Questions…

    OK, I am going to admit something that feels a little embarrassing but well, it is the truth – I don’t know if The Meep Sheep is a novel or not. You see, we all know what a novel is as far as length and all but, well, what if it’s a short story… Continue reading Novel Questions…

Presence – a holiday story

Presence She was the last to arrive and she knew it. She was always last, every year, no matter what she did, how she did it, or when. She could get up earlier, could eat breakfast faster, could unwrap things without taking them out of their packaging but it never mattered - she would always… Continue reading Presence – a holiday story