Wheels Keep Turnin’

These are strange times, to be sure. Unprecedented times. These are the times people will talk about in the future the way we talk about the Great Depression. They will speak of it in a dreamy sort of wonder at how it could have happened and why it happened and ponder how people survived.  I… Continue reading Wheels Keep Turnin’

Something UNIMAGINABLE Has Arrived

It should be clear by now that I am alwasy involved in some manner of something or other. For years now I have felt endlessly frustrated when I am not being creative or working on a project so I tend to end up getting mixed up into some caper or another. For the past three… Continue reading Something UNIMAGINABLE Has Arrived

Self Published

It's a shame that time and again the old dance of going after writing for being self-published still gets carted out from time to time. I have said it before and say it again - how is it that you can make movies yourself - INDIE - and music yourself - DIY - but god… Continue reading Self Published

The Vanity Of It All

If there is a topic that drives me crazy as a writer it’s the continual cat calls of VANITY PRESS in regards to people who put their own work out or who go through companies who do it. Naturally BECAUSE it upsets me means that it’s a touch subject. Well, go fig.Here’s the deal –… Continue reading The Vanity Of It All

Where We Are

It occurred to me a little bit ago that in the long time I have been writing I have put out or been in a LOT of publications. More than I consider a lot of the time. I made a list and it was pretty ridiculous. I thought I would share it, not out of… Continue reading Where We Are

Life’s Full Of Disappointments And I Am Full OF Bees

It’s a horrible feeling to look yourself in the mirror and admit that you can’t do everything. To admit to yourself that sometimes plans, as well intentioned as they may be, are sometimes just plans. Goals are just goals. And sometimes we can’t always do what we had wanted. It’s a rotten thing to admit… Continue reading Life’s Full Of Disappointments And I Am Full OF Bees

Laying It All Out

I am in the midst of the most un-fun part of the book process, at least for me, and that's laying it out. Thankfully I have an awesome girlfriend that knows her way around laying my books out who has been hard at work on it but it is for sure not a glamorous job.… Continue reading Laying It All Out

Handling the Business

I think it's safe for a writer to say that it's pretty much ALWAYS frustrating when you are trying to get your name and work out there.  It's not there is no 'easy' way because I think if you're willing to pursue a dream you get over the 'easy' aspect of it pretty quickly.  Easy… Continue reading Handling the Business

Looking for Agents and Publishers In All the Wrong Places

I, like about a ma-JILLION writers out there, am looking to generate some interest in a book. The book in question is my novel A Shadow Over Ever. I love the heck out of this book, and I am not saying that just because I began working on it eighteen years ago. Ok, that's a… Continue reading Looking for Agents and Publishers In All the Wrong Places

And So It Begins…

   This is a pretty momentous day for me. Today is the day I sent my novel A Shadow Over Ever off to a friend to be edited. This is the first big step I have taken with the novel in quite some time and it feels great. This is a novel that began as… Continue reading And So It Begins…

Sometimes Ya Just Wonder

Sometimes You Just Wonder So the other day I came across a catalog of upcoming books put out by a distribution house. On the surface there isn't much to see other than to get a feel for books that are going to be released soon and if you have a store then this is pretty… Continue reading Sometimes Ya Just Wonder

Doing the Circuit

    If there’s one thing that I have learned through all these many years as a self published writer it’s that if you are ever going to get the thing out there you have to, well, get the thing out there. I learned pretty early on that if you are not willing to get your… Continue reading Doing the Circuit

What Ya Learn Along the Way…

So, if you are lucky enough, and keep your eyes and ears open, you are bound to learn new stuff all the time. And as a writer, you are always learning, though, it's usually stuff you feel like you should know or wish you didn't HAVE to know. So, on the journey of The Meep… Continue reading What Ya Learn Along the Way…