The Way Of The Gun

There is something chilling in our national adoration of guns and gun culture. Something that goes beyond a simple appreciation of shooting, or a desire to honor and champion the Second Amendment and freedom in America. What was once something that people had, a gun for hunting, maybe a handgun for self defense or home… Continue reading The Way Of The Gun

Room For One More

In Hell, there is always room for one more. Always. Hell will take everyone - come one and come all. It is Heaven that is exclusive. Heaven as gated community, choosing only the best. Ah, but who are the best? Good question, no? That part is a sliding scale that pushes the boundaries out, and… Continue reading Room For One More


The world loves a comeback, isn’t that what they say? Well, they say it, but it doesn’t always make it so. Right? We love to see someone rise, the notion of someone almost willing their way upward. More than that though we love the fall. We love to watch people fall back to earth after… Continue reading Comeback

Burning It Down

There are few things as satisfying as orchestrating a good takedown. I speak from experience. It isn’t pretty, it isn’t necessarily mature, but man alive does it feel good to take someone or something down that has done you wrong. Even if the ‘you’ is bigger than just you alone but you are the one… Continue reading Burning It Down


There is something about the ‘found’ sort of story that has always drawn me. It’s the reason I love campfire storytelling so much. The immediacy of finding someone in the middle of a horror they hadn’t seen coming is powerful and went done well can leave a chill that isn’t easily shaken. The ‘found’ story… Continue reading FOUND

The Edge of Truth

In this modern world we love stories, as we always have, but we love stories now told in real time more than in retrospect. We aren’t as tied to the necessity of truth so much as the novelty of emotion. We want the passion but not the impact. We want the comfort of loud voices… Continue reading The Edge of Truth

Give A Little Scare

As anyone who knows me will attest, I love Halloween. LOVE IT! For real. So naturally I am very passionate about the season, as witnessed by my many, many stories I have written in honor of the day. I have written almost as much about my opinions on the holiday, often trudging familiar ground over… Continue reading Give A Little Scare

Sharing the Scares

Since I was a kid I have always loved Halloween and the scarier side of life. Not the kind of scares you get from the real world of every day but more the scares of the world behind our world, lurking in the shadows, just out of view. The draw towards the dark is within… Continue reading Sharing the Scares

Keep Going

Just. Keep. Going. The easiest thing to say and the hardest thing to do. Under the shadow of a world that seems to keep shifting beneath us, every day an earthquake that reaches to our faith. Aftershocks that shake us so that every step forward is into darkness and every step back into fire. So… Continue reading Keep Going

Booky Business

Hey there Lords and Ladies of Awesomeland. I am here to tell you that I am going to be part of a pretty rad event here in Flint and if you're into books and in the general sorta vicinity you should come out. For reals. I mean, where else can you pick up the WHOLE… Continue reading Booky Business

And…Nope, I Got Nothin’

Hey kids, just a quick update. I finished the editing on THE KREEP SHEEP, which you knew. I painted four new paintings, and that was fun. Wish I had more time to work on painting but I am deadline bound. Next up I need to write a disaster story, which I started and need to… Continue reading And…Nope, I Got Nothin’

Tools of the Trade (and stuff)

   As I have probably mentioned, like eighteen hundred times by now, I have been writing for some twenty years. I started as a teenager, when I had visions of being a cartoonist or a special fx makeup guy. Ah, the good old days. Anyway, I got serious about writing back when my friend Mike… Continue reading Tools of the Trade (and stuff)