IN ROOTS OF ASH – deep dive

When I started writing the first stories that are at the hear of IN ROOTS OF ASH I was writing to tap into the mythos of the woods. I grew up in an area that had two wooded areas and we played in them all the time. We never were afraid but when we started… Continue reading IN ROOTS OF ASH – deep dive


As 2019 dawns it brings with it two big anniversaries for me and two signposts in my writing. My first book Back From Nothing was released in 1999. I was a kid then, in more ways than one, and to have a book out was something I never imagined happening. I have gone into the story about… Continue reading Anniversaries

Self Published

It's a shame that time and again the old dance of going after writing for being self-published still gets carted out from time to time. I have said it before and say it again - how is it that you can make movies yourself - INDIE - and music yourself - DIY - but god… Continue reading Self Published

Handling the Business

I think it's safe for a writer to say that it's pretty much ALWAYS frustrating when you are trying to get your name and work out there.  It's not there is no 'easy' way because I think if you're willing to pursue a dream you get over the 'easy' aspect of it pretty quickly.  Easy… Continue reading Handling the Business

And So It Begins…

   This is a pretty momentous day for me. Today is the day I sent my novel A Shadow Over Ever off to a friend to be edited. This is the first big step I have taken with the novel in quite some time and it feels great. This is a novel that began as… Continue reading And So It Begins…

Doing the Circuit

    If there’s one thing that I have learned through all these many years as a self published writer it’s that if you are ever going to get the thing out there you have to, well, get the thing out there. I learned pretty early on that if you are not willing to get your… Continue reading Doing the Circuit

The Players and the Play…

In my newest book The Meep Sheep the story focuses on four people who are brought together in the hopes of pulling their Kingdom from the brink of forever darkness. The theme of darkness is as old as Mankind itself and is familiar card for those who have ever done any reading. The idea of… Continue reading The Players and the Play…

The Meep Sheep – press release

Press Release – The Meep Sheep by Chris Ringler Dark clouds have formed in the Kingdom of Man, clouds of dissent, doubt, and worse yet, fear. After a century of peace and sunshine darkness has come to this land, and with it the rumors of unrest, and unless a young queen can stop this brewing… Continue reading The Meep Sheep – press release

THE MEEP SHEEP available for order NOW!

I am very proud to announce the release of my newest book - THE MEEP SHEEP, which is a novel told in short story form about the magic and wonder found in the Kingdom of Man. This has been a total labor of love that started over six years ago and which has lead to… Continue reading THE MEEP SHEEP available for order NOW!

Together We’re Strong

    A funny thing happens when you write a story, or a book – the work has just begun. If you are lucky enough to have a publisher then they will help with the work of publicizing the book, shipping it, getting it reviewed, getting you signings, and generally just making sure the thing has… Continue reading Together We’re Strong

Seen but Unheard

Ok, I wanted to add a bit to somethin' I said in an earlier blog about how everything should be seen, every story read, every story told, or something like that. Well, I don't change that, at all, but i do amend it in that, well, sometimes you can see why the stories are not… Continue reading Seen but Unheard

Publish Thy Self

I think the two great fears of any writer, hell, at least me, are no one caring about what you are writing and finding no market for what you write. Well, the older I have gotten and the more I have read I have realized that, well, it's true, there really is someone for everything.… Continue reading Publish Thy Self

Riding the Hobby Writer Horse

For some reason lately I have felt sorta lonely, as a writer, and have wanted to feel more connected to that community. Specifically the horror writing community, seeing as I like to write creepy stories and all. Now, I won't necessarily say I am a 'horror' writer but being that it sounds sorta silly to… Continue reading Riding the Hobby Writer Horse