Be Bold, As They Say…

We really need to meet these ‘they – wise folks, those cats.

It is not a popular idea but dammit, who cares. Be bold.

If you write, if you draw, if you make music, whatever you do, get it out there. Release it to the world.

Blog it.

Post it.

Print it.

Press it.

Release it.

Now, you will never been seen as a ‘professional’ this way but we should all be so lucky as to have our passions make us money. But, that being said, you CAN make money with passion, and better, you make more passion with it. By releasing your works into the wild y0u are investing in the greatest bank there is, and that is you. You encourage yourself to keep writing, to keep creating, to keep doing. You encourage yourself to keep working at what you love. I am tired of reading about hobby writers, or hobby artists, or hobby musicians.

To hell with it.

Yes, there is a difference between U2 and a U2 cover band as their is a difference between Stephen King and someone writing like him. But passion makes us all equal. Take your art seriously and you take yourself seriously. Never underestimate what you do.

Sure, not everything you do is going to be great, and people will not like all of it, but keep putting it out there. What is there to lose? You need to make your standards, not someone else. Be aware of what you do, and open to critique, but don’t let people tell you what you should and should not do with your art.

Not every artist will find fame, fortune, or their ideal audience, but we all have a right to fuel our passion and to share it, things we too easily forget.

So, what are you waiting for? Go do something.


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