Picture Pages!

Here are some of the images from the past. Alternate cover photos for books, some shots from the shoot of I Am The Door, a promo image for an event, and the two books I received Honorable mention in for stories. One of the alternate shots from Roadkill cover. More Roadkill tries. Even MORE Roadkill.… Continue reading Picture Pages!

The Spooky Chris Podcast – Tyrone Sunken Gardens

In which I talk about Mid-Michigan's Tyrone Sunken Gardens. Picture Post - https://spookychris.com/2008/08/04/the-garden-of-stone/ Picture Post - https://spookychris.com/2008/09/03/garden-of-stone-2-my-return-to-tyrone-sunken-gardens/

Our Cover Story

So when I took the photos I am using for the cover of TATTERED TENTS I was shocked that I managed to find such a thing in the wild. I was out at a hobby store and was looking at a little display they had and saw it...a headless woman in a lawnchair just living… Continue reading Our Cover Story

A Show For Ghouls

With the group I work with here in Flint, the Flint Horror Collective, we create events through the year to bring a little weirdness and horror to the area. We have been doing our thing since 2011 and it's always fun to think of new events that we can do. For the past few years… Continue reading A Show For Ghouls

ROAD KILL cover reveal

I have written before about my upcoming novel ROAD KILL but I wanted to talk a little more about it as I reveal its cover for the first time. The novel itself, as I have mentioned, was a long time coming. When I wrote the very first version it was vastly different than what it… Continue reading ROAD KILL cover reveal

Woo! 500 posts. Woo…And Some Book Stuffs!

I was totally going to honor this momentous occasion with a deep, impassioned post about blogging these, wow, last ten years + but, darn it, I wanted to share some more book stuff so that shall have to wait. Odds are it'd just be stuff I have already said anyway. HA. I have had an awful… Continue reading Woo! 500 posts. Woo…And Some Book Stuffs!

Free For All

I mentioned in my last post MY theories on why the Arts have been in a slow motion decline.  There's no science or research in my opinion outside of simply being in a small scene and seeing how things seem to be trending.  One of the issues I brought up was the idea of cost. … Continue reading Free For All

You Know, Without The Pretense

Oh to live in a world of art without pretension.  A world of writers without grandstanding.  Le sigh. There is something of a mystery with artsy folk and writers.  There’s a sense of disdain for other people that work in their same trade.  It’s sort of like how petty music people will act when the… Continue reading You Know, Without The Pretense

Winding Up a Busy Season…

Phew, it's been a bit of a whirlwind since the publication of The Meep Sheep a few months ago and I am still going strong. The thing that wears you out with the book process is the promotion, as I have said before, but it's also some of the most fun you have. Getting the… Continue reading Winding Up a Busy Season…


    Of all the things I like to do artistically I think photography is the one I am most self conscious about. I mean, writing, it is what it is. I have been writing since I was a teenager and while you never like it when people dislike what you are doing, you also have… Continue reading Snapper