My Annual End of the Year Note – 2009

We Will Remember The Things We Always Forgot

It’s easy, as the end nears, to focus on the broad strokes, the good, the bad, and the ugly. We see the big events that we think shaped us, the things that could have, would have, or should have shaped us perhaps. We see the fireworks, but not the sky. And in the end, maybe those are the sights we should recall, as the ashes fall down around us, because those are the thoughts that are familiar, are close, and which sometimes lull us to that needed sleep.

Ah, but fireworks, bright and distracting as they may be, are not the things that make us who we are, those are but the highlights that prove out the theory of us. It is within the everyday moments, the stars, that we are made, and it is those moments we owe the most honor.

You see, the end is coming, be it today, tomorrow, or a hundred years from now, it is approaching, and so it is before that end comes where we must focus. You remember the dead, my friends, and you honor the living. So it is to the dead moments that we must remember, and the moments we share now that we honor.

Every year takes more from us than it gives, that is always the way. It takes our time, our life, our sorrow, our joy, our friends and loved ones, and it takes our memories, the most cherished of all our gifts. In memories we can re-live the good times and bad and can spend one last instant with those we lost. The human mind will not suffer us to live in the past though, no matter how much we may want to. No, we are pushed ever forward and old memories are replaced by new ones, making us move forward, and not back. Making us evolve into the person we are still becoming, day by day. Every year takes though, but no matter how much it takes, we still take enough.

We take the day where the sun peeked through the clouds long enough for a stolen lunch

on the grass.

We take the needed kiss that stills a spinning world.
We take the brief visits with friends that remind us we’re special.

We take the time spent with loved ones, before they pass away.

We take the realizations that we are never the person we are at our worst, nor the person

at our best, but someone in between, always capable of better, and always able to do


We take enough to survive, to learn, and to grow.

And so another year is ending, and we have lost – people, things, love, and time – and we have gained the same. And in the end, it is usually the losing that stings the longest and scars the worst. But with every scar we grower tougher skin, and with every year we take just enough to learn, to grow, and to survive. We learn to cherish the small moments, the moments that make life, and us, special, and we learn to survive the dark times that forever threaten to take apart all we’ve worked to build.

But there will always be storms.

There will always be death.

There will always be loss and heartbreak.

And you will survive.
We will survive.

We are built stronger than the wind, stronger than the fire, and stronger than those that

wield fists and words against us.

We are built to survive.

So raise your glass to the year that was, and all that passed through it and helped make you who you are. Raise a glass to the moments we forget and forgot, for those are the ones we perhaps owe the most. And raise a glass to yourself, for still being here to see it through to another year.

Every year takes more than we think we can stand, but we take enough, we take enough, and we survive, and there is glory in that.

So look up, up and past the fireworks and marvel a moment at all the stars.

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