It Has Begun, This Book Layout…

    So as of Sunday The Meep Sheep is being laid out, thanks to my girlfriend. She is a wiz with In Design so she is handling the layout of this book as she did the last one and so far so good. I drive her nutty about stuff (really, I drive everyone nuts so she’s not special there) but in the end she marathoned the thing through and got it laid out. Much work to do but chug, chug, chug the little train is pushing forward. The book looks like it will be around 250 pages, which is CRRRRAZY but pretty fun. I am super stoked for all of you to experience it.

I love this book.

More news as we  move forward.


PS – booked for Flint Comix Con, which is April 17th here in Flint. Official info when I have it.

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