The Spooky Chris Podcast Episode 23 – The Pitch

In which I decide to pitch my MEEP SHEEP trilogy to you so you can, you know, option it for a long running series and such.

The Meep Sheep

Several years ago I thought up something utterly silly and ridiculous. It was a small flying kitty with bumble bee wings. The bumblekitty lead to the thought of little flying sheep with wings. And slowly, slowly the world of THE MEEP SHEEP was born. I have always loved fairy tales and particularly loved the darker… Continue reading The Meep Sheep

Presenting THE KREEP SHEEP – a grim fairy tale

In every land, to every story, there is a beginning and even in a world of magic and hope there is a past, there is a shadow, and there is a story as to how the world came to be. Welcome back to the Kingdom of Man in a time before there were Meep Sheep,… Continue reading Presenting THE KREEP SHEEP – a grim fairy tale

The Kreep Sheep approaches

Finished the writing for The Kreep Sheep and am on to the editing, sometimes the most fun and arduous part of the whole process. Editing is always interesting because you get to refine the story and re-discover it and make sure it woks. With this book it's a matter of making sure the facts match… Continue reading The Kreep Sheep approaches

Ohhh, a ‘Fan Page’

It seems facetious to have a fan page made BY the person looking for fans but it is what it is. I prefer to call this more of a 'find out new stuff' place. And you can find said place HERE This page was deleted years ago. This site is where the goods are now.

So Why A Fairy Tale?

    As any writer, I loathe labels. Sure, it makes it easier to homogenize what you are doing, and gives you a buzz word to sell the work but jeepers, it seems so limiting to just say ‘oh, it’s a ______’. Nothing is every that cut and dried. Mysteries have an element of terror to… Continue reading So Why A Fairy Tale?

The Meep Sheep – press release

Press Release – The Meep Sheep by Chris Ringler Dark clouds have formed in the Kingdom of Man, clouds of dissent, doubt, and worse yet, fear. After a century of peace and sunshine darkness has come to this land, and with it the rumors of unrest, and unless a young queen can stop this brewing… Continue reading The Meep Sheep – press release

MEEP SHEEP – First Proof In Hand

    So here is me holding the first proof of The Meep Sheep in hand and it’s a dream come true. I have been dreaming of Meep Sheep and this world for the better part of a decade and to have the book in hand, even the first proof of it, is pretty amazing. This… Continue reading MEEP SHEEP – First Proof In Hand

The Meep Sheep update

    Today is a pretty big day on the calendar of the book kids, as today was the day that the book was submitted for review. Manda finished the last work on the book layout last night and we submitted it all just before midnight. Now, with This Beautiful Darkness we had the worst time… Continue reading The Meep Sheep update

It Has Begun, This Book Layout…

    So as of Sunday The Meep Sheep is being laid out, thanks to my girlfriend. She is a wiz with In Design so she is handling the layout of this book as she did the last one and so far so good. I drive her nutty about stuff (really, I drive everyone nuts so… Continue reading It Has Begun, This Book Layout…

The Meep Sheep

The Meep Sheep And there Up in the sky I saw a dream of Hope And smiled From Darkness Doubt Despair The came. They are – Sunshine Laughter Daffodils in rain. I saw them in my heart and the shadows fell away. And I smiled to see them Knowing – Had I eyes I could… Continue reading The Meep Sheep