THE MEEP SHEEP cover revealed

    Well, the time is now. Here, officially, is the cover for The Meep Sheep. It makes me really happy to get this chance to show you the cover. April couldn’t come soon enough for me, because I was always waiting for April to reveal the cover art. A lot of people try to do covers for their books and end up looking like fools, but, well, I am really proud of this cover. I spent a lot of time on the art for this, and went through a few different versions of the art but am super happy about it now.

Some things just feel right.

The Meep Sheep is another book of horror stories for me, this time focusing on the horror of the small town. Here we find a farm where things are far from ok. A suicidal boy, a dead body in the cellar, a ghost in the attic, and a family secret that will shock all of you. These are only some of the things awaiting you in the new book. These 28 stories here, over the course of the 100 pages are some of the scariest things you will ever read.

I guarantee it.

I mean, I never lie, right? And I am not gonna try to fool you.

I am pricing The Meep Sheep at $20 because, well, it’s epic. And it’s worth it. And I want money.

So, here it is.


April Fool's Meep 001     back cover  fool!

Happy April first.

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