Novel Questions…

    OK, I am going to admit something that feels a little embarrassing but well, it is the truth – I don’t know if The Meep Sheep is a novel or not. You see, we all know what a novel is as far as length and all but, well, what if it’s a short story collection where the stories are all so inter-connected that it forms one narrative? That is what The Meep Sheep is, a novel or short stories, or short stories that are novel length.

Or something.

    I honestly cannot tell you which it is. I always looked at these as short stories and this as a collection because I put it all together story by story by story, not really thinking of it all as a larger work. As the day comes closer to when the book will be released though I am realizing that this may not just be a story collection but may be a novel comprised of short stories. I am not really sure.

It’s a quandary, to be sure.

In either case, you will get the chance to tell me what you think in May when the book is released ‘cause I sure don’t know.


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